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アノニマス 愛のオペレーション実践中 Anonymous – Symbiotic Subsistence – #OpELE


ガイ・フォークス の仮面さえ、やさしく笑っているようだ。。。

7,000,000,000 People

7,000,000,000 Human Lives

More than you could ever know in a lifetime

Our species has dominated the Earth with our cities

Our communication networks span the globe

We have pierced the heavens and made the sky our domain

Our massive empire brings light to darkness

Derived from common ancestors

Sisters and Brothers

Too many names to remember we have become


We are the manifestation of the human spirit and we are world wide

As diverse as life itself no label can explain us all

But at the core of our being stands a prevailing idea which holds us together

It is the law of every great society

It is the will of every great deity

It is a binding force

The Ultimate Prescription


The Media profits from our pain

They sell us violence and hate

Money and Power

Lust and Ego

But these things do not endure

They are meaningless and fade away with time

Our true message is eternal and can not be forgotten

It is a message of Peace Love and Unity

Solidarity with every Nation

Love for all People

Operation ELE

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